What makes a Bambu tiki cocktail? First start with rum.

Kick off your night with some of these tantalising tiki cocktails. Every single tiki drink is absolutely key for a summer party.

One classic tiki drink is the Daiquiri. While a traditional daiquiri is a a simple mix of white rum, lime & mint, we have festival variations packed with strawberries and a choice of your favourite rum.

Our Bambu concoctions are served in tiki vessels, mammoth bowls and if you’re brave our Deadman’s chest.

These cocktails will transport you to the beach any time of year…


Cocktail Masterclass

Enjoy shaking and making some of our most popular Tiki cocktails, enjoy fun games and let us share our know how with you. Get in touch with our party platters and relax in one of our Bamboo booths, and sip cocktails late into the night.